Your Big, Bold NEXT!

Are You Looking for “More” in Life?

More Joy?

More Meaning?

More Success?

Are you ready for your NEXT Level?


Then I created

Your Big, Bold NEXT!

just for You!



Think about it seriously for a moment:

How amazing would it be to take some time RIGHT NOW to make REAL PROGRESS toward creating a more fulfilling life for yourself? 

What if you gave yourself the gift of time to focus on what really matters and creating a new vision for your life—one that is uniquely yours and deeply satisfying to the person you have become?

What if you could quickly learn a set of skills that would help you find and achieve not only the next dream you have for your life, but the next dream after that, too?

What if you could be happier, more confident, and more at peace right away—and learn simple strategies to instantly improve your mood, any time you want?

What would that feel like?

What would it mean to you?

What would it mean to your family and loved ones?


The world needs what only you have to offer.


And how much faster would you get where you want to go if you had a coach and a group of people cheering you on, offering great advice and support, and all working to build their own dreams alongside yours?

For more than twenty years, I’ve been building on my education in psychology and cognition by following new research into creativity, happiness, productivity, and well-being. I served as the full-time business and personal support person for a visual artist so I was able to learn first-hand what works in moving a creative project forward and what can stop an artist or her project dead in its tracks. Along the way, I published a book, began a freelance writing career, and taught creativity classes. I also talked to dozens of small business owners, writers, artists, musicians, and dancers about what they need in order to succeed.

And you know what I learned? 

We are all truly masterful at keeping ourselves from plugging in where we are needed and keeping ourselves from doing the things we were born to do!

We are afraid of everything:

• Failure.

• Success.

• Not being good enough.

• Not being supported by people we trust or admire.

• Being misunderstood.

• Being judged for doing what we need to do for ourselves; being seen as selfish or a bad mother, father, or spouse.

• Making a mistake.

We create mechanisms to keep us safe. Procrastination and perfectionism are habits we adopt to keep ourselves from putting ourselves out there and being judged harshly. As painful as it is to acknowledge, that inner critic who delights in telling us all about our faults and failures and unworthiness is really speaking to us from a place of love! That voice wants so strongly to keep us safe, it is willing to hurt our feelings and keep us “small” in order to protect us.

But, what if you could ignore all of those thoughts and habits and voices and past experiences and just dive in, headfirst and childlike, to a project you’ve been carrying in your heart?

What if you could give yourself the freedom and space to fully imagine what your most exciting, most fulfilling, most amazing life might look like—and begin taking steps immediately to move in that direction?

What if you could stop putting off your dreams until “the time is right” or you “know enough” or you “have the money?”

If you could do that, what would you do?

And, what if you didn’t have to do it alone?

That’s where Your Big, Bold NEXT! comes in!

This experience is for anyone who has an urge to do more, contribute more, matter more—even if they don’t yet know what that might look like.

It’s for anyone who has a dream – or even just an inkling of a dream! – who doesn’t want to wait for “some day” any longer. We are going to be a small community of people making our dreams more real each day, establishing micro-habits that will carry us forward one step at a time, and building supportive relationships that will sustain us well after the program ends.

You’re a GREAT FIT for

Your Big, Bold NEXT!  if:

  •  You are tired of waiting for More in your life!
  •  You have a dream or a big idea you know you need to put out into the world, but you don’t know where to start, self-doubt keeps you stuck, or you know you’d get there faster with the support and accountability of a coach and a group of peers also striving to achieve great things!


Does this sound like you?

•I have a lot to offer, but where do I start? Where do I “plug in?”

•I have a desire-a calling-to make a bigger contribution in the world, but I don’t know what that contribution is yet.

•Self-doubt stops me from going for my dreams and I feel paralyzed, sad, and stuck.

•I have a lot of complex projects, and I don’t have the right help to achieve them.

•I’m afraid of not doing the things I feel called to do.

•I work well under other people’s deadlines, but I let my own slide by.

•I want to feel useful, easeful, and passionate.

•I don’t know if I’m the right person to do this work or if I’ll ever be ready for it.


Would you like to:

•Have the peace of mind of knowing you have a Big Vision that’s going to pull you forward, keep you energized, and be a touchstone when things feel uncertain?

•Know what resources you already have available that you can count on for success?

•Have the ability to break your overwhelming ideas into small, momentum-building steps-so you can get started right away?

•Feel the fulfillment and satisfaction of putting your dream into the world so others can benefit from what you have to offer?

•Have systems in place that will help you reframe your thinking so you can get out of your own way?

•Embody the joy of finally being the person you’ve always known you could be?

•Build the momentum that is going to carry you forward with your Big, Bold NEXT-and beyond-so you are always growing and dreaming and moving?

Whether your dream or project is already underway or it is still just a twinkle in your eye, Your Big, Bold NEXT! can be the rocket-launcher you need to blast off!

With the Your Big, Bold NEXT! program, you will choose and take small actions each week that are specific to your needs, vision, and project and that will help you get the momentum you need.

Here’s What You’ll Learn!

Week 1: See It!

You will discover:

•Why the energy goes out of your work and you lose focus

•How to create a communication system that accesses the non-verbal and sub-conscious parts of yourself

•The secrets of Time Travel-or, how to see into the future, even if you don’t know how to see into the future

•How to unlock Your Own Entelechy (the information that is already stored in you that will enable you to create the thing you are dreaming of)

•How to train your brain for success the way elite athletes and other high performers do

•Craft a Big, Bold Monster Awesome Vision that will serve as a Touchstone and a Guiding Light whenever you feel unsure-and learn why it’s VITAL you have this in place

•Create a Unique Mechanism to reconnect with your Big Bold Monster Awesome Vision instantly


Week 2: Move It!

You will:

•Define your Big Levers so you will achieve maximum results with less effort

•Identify the Resources you already have available to insure your success

•Learn a system to make sure you are always doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason

•Learn 6 ways to get out of overwhelm so you are always ready and able to take action

•Embrace Imperfect Action and Kiss Stuckness Goodbye!


Week 3: Believe It!

You will learn how to:

•Get out of your own way

•Eradicate limiting beliefs that have held you back in the past

•Reframe your thoughts so they work for-not against-you

•End negative self-talk

•Step into your FULL VISION of who you are are and the Big, Bold NEXT you are bringing to life


Week 4: Be It!

You will master skills to:

•Instantly recharge your energy

•Inhabit Your Big, Bold NEXT TODAY!

•Authentically build rapport with others (so they want to help, not hinder, you!)

•Achieve this Big, Bold NEXT-and all your future dreams-faster and with more joy than you ever imagined possible

•Assume the authority that is rightfully yours


Week 5: Build It!

You will learn:

•Why micro-habits, micro-chunking, and habit stacking are small tools that yield BIG results

•Strategies for maintaining momentum when you are really, really, really busy!

•What are time buckets and why you need them

•How to maintain Beginner’s Mind so your project stays fresh

•What question you often ask will stop your momentum in its tracks-and what question to ask instead

•And, you will build a healthy relationship with your time and energy so you will be able to sustain your project all the way through to completion!

Your Big, Bold NEXT! will be an intense experience, but one that will reward you just as intensely. 

Just think: 

 In 5 weeks you could completely transform your relationship with your time, your energy, and your own thinking-AND you could be well on your way to making your dreams a reality NOW! 

 If this sounds like what you need, I invite you to join me in this experience!

Here’s What You Get!

Because I am keeping this group small, you will get lots of personal attention and have the opportunity to work closely with me and your fellow Big, Bold dreamers!

FIVE group training and coaching calls with laser coaching opportunities;

Each week, we will meet online using Zoom for the weekly training module. It will be an interactive experience so you can ask questions and get the answers right away. Each training will be recorded, so you can refer to it later–or have fast access to the information if you need to miss the live training.

FIVE modules of weekly resources to help you master the Mind Game, including managing life’s “obstacles,” time, your inner critic, “creator’s block,” and procrastination, and building micro-habits to keep yourself motivated and on-track;

FIVE one-hour, one-on-one coaching calls with me, including an initial strategy session and regular check-ins on your progress.

These can be used to help you get started, get unstuck, or figure out your personalized plan for after the program concludes.

•You will also have unlimited access to me and your fellow Big, Bold dreamers in a private forum where you can get to know everyone, post questions, brainstorm ideas, and workshop elements of your vision.

•AND, if you are one of the first 5 to respond to this message and sign on, I will add in 3 MORE one-on-one coaching calls that can be used after the conclusion of the program, to extend your support beyond the five weeks!!!!

If this sounds like a great fit for you and you know you’d like to give yourself the gift of this transformation, please send me a message and we’ll get you enrolled!

***Oh, and there’s one more bonus: Since I meet most of my clients through referrals and I know you won’t want to keep the Your Big, Bold NEXT! program a secret, if you sign up with a friend, BOTH of you will receive 3 additional coaching sessions 🙂

So that’s an opportunity to add up to 6 additional, free, one-on-one coaching sessions with me if you are one of the first 5 to sign up (earn 3 additional sessions) and join with a friend (earn 3 additional sessions). With these options, you could receive coaching with me through the end of 2017!

And, it gets even better! This program will be tailored to YOUR needs! Each week, you will have the opportunity to tell me what’s working for you and ask questions about things you need more information about–so you are sure to get exactly the support you need to get unstuck, to get clarity, to get momentum–to feel the joy of knowing you are in the middle of something BIG!

When I take this program out to a bigger audience in 2018, the price will be $497.

Because I am so excited about creating this project for you and I’ve seen the kinds or results that working with me can help you achieve, I have decided to offer the lowest rate possible–so you have nothing to keep you from getting started TODAY on achieving your NEXT level of happiness and success!

In fact, you can join the full, 5-week program–including getting 5 one-on-one sessions with me–for less than the cost of my 3-coaching session package ($375)!

I absolutely believe this program will change your life and I want to help you get started making your bigger impact and enjoying a more fulifilling life right away, so the investment for this program is only $247!


If this program is of interest to you at all–please do not wait! I will never be able to offer this program at this low rate again–and I will need to close enrollment in early September to be ready to begin the course on September 13!

I can’t wait to work with you!

If you have any questions that I haven’t yet answered, please send me a message! I would love to talk with you about how this project might help move you closer to realizing your dreams of having MORE!